Discovering Europe Through Language and Culture using ICT.

The objective of the joint project ’’Discovering Europe through Language and Culture using ICT’’ was to develop new ways in helping adult learners to achieve the intercultural competence that is necessary in fast-changing society in order to adapt to the requirements of the European labour market and the diversity and complexity of globalization.

This refers to flexibility, mobility and travelling know-how, differencies in cultures and customs as well as knowing a foreign language. One of the achievements is reflected in a joint creation of a common web page, which is accessible to adult education providers. Another achievement to be mentioned is improved the English language speaking ability among all participants of project as well as use of ITC for teaching and learning.

The participating institutions were from Spain, Denmark, Estonia, Portugal and Cyprus. It was very eventful journy thank to you all:
Center for Adult Education of Castuera,
Directorate of Regional Education Center,
Cyprus Scientific Educators Association for the Utilization on Information Communication Tehnologies (K.E.S.E.A.-T.P.E.),
Pärnu Adult Gymnasium,
Talentus-National Association of Trainers and Technical training,
Vilnius Adult Education Centre, VUCFYN & FYNS HF Kursus.

Project leaflet [RTF].

Project videos: Denmark & Cyprus, Estonia, Portugal, Spain.